I honestly don't know what genre to call it other than Rock haha. But yeah, it's on my profile, it's called Pages. (It's a TFT cover). I hope you guys like it.

And can you guys tell me EVERYTHING that's wrong with it? Like the guitars need more eqing, and stuff. I want to make it as good sounding as possible before I upload it on my myspace music page.

So have a listen, and tell me what i should do to fix it. Thanks

(It's on my UG profile, not my Myspace profile )
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really awesome dude. i love those "experimental" notes you have going on like always. and the intro too!
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haha thanks. but is there anything wrong with it? anything i could fix? i wanna make it perfect before it goes on my myspace page :]

the only thing i would do is to make the intro lead guitar a little bit smoother and rounder. it sounds like you're using the bridge pickup. i'd use the neck pickup. other than that, it's great.
that was great. definitely needs some vocals though man. great quality for sure, what kind of hardware are you using to get such a clean sound?

one thing that i personally think is needed is some bass. is there any bass at all on this? and are the drums done digitally or what?

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