Uncle's Music Shop Closed (New Guitar Effects Pedals for cheap!!!) (near UCSD)

My uncle's music shop closed down (thanks to the economy) and I'm helping him sell a bunch of stuff he could not sell or return.
Some of these pedals have only been opened once for display, and others are brand new and have never been opened.
Help us out! These are great deals!

BOSS DS-1: $20 (SOLD!!)
BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppressor: $70
BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus: $60

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr Passive - $70

Line 6 Echo Park Delay Pedal - $110
Line 6 Power Supply (for any Line 6 pedals) - $10 or included if you buy the echo park

Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde V1 - $100

Godlyke Power Supply Pack - $20 (SOLD!!)

MXR phase 90 - $55

Danelectro Tuner - $10

Digitech DF-7 Distortion Factory - $70

DOD Yngwie Malsteen Pedal - $20 (stopped selling these) (SOLD!!)

And whoever buys more than one pedal, or buys a lot I'll throw in pedal couplers (used only for display) and a beat up Boss BF-2 Flanger (I used it but don't want it)
I can meet at UCSD or at Ralphs, Whole Foods, just that general area (I think La Jolla Village Dr & Genesse or Villa la Jolla)

Do you guys have any Marshall DSL 401's? I'd be interested to buying one and paying the shipping if you did.

Thanks in advance.
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No sorry
but help me spread the word man
anyone needing new guitar effects pedals!
my uncle can really use it
You dont by chance have a DS-1 left do you?
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