I am trying to learn a song by Muse and at the beginning, it all seems to be upstrokes. For some reason I really struggle with JUST upstrokes... I can't keep my hand in time if I'm not doing some kind of up-down-up-down pattern. Any idea's?

And by the way, the song in question is called Endlessly on Spotify, but Thoughts of a Dying Athiest on UG? Why?
I mean, on Spotify (I assume you know what I mean) the song I'm trying to learn is called Endlessly, but on UG the tab for Thoughts of a Dying Athiest matches it.
Ah, well, I looked at the tabs, and the tab I looked at was indeed for the song called "Thoughts of a Dying Atheist".
Look it up on Youtube if you want to.
So, I suppose Spotify's got it wrong then.
As for playing, I would just alternate pick it.. But I alternate pick almost everything.
It is also possible to play it with upstrokes only, but I wouldn't recommend it..
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I haven't listened to it, but I'm guessing the beginning all the notes are on the off-beat? Just let your hand do an alt picking action, but only hit the string on the upstroke. Thats the best bit of alt picking imo - its easier to keep to the rhythm, cos you just let your hand beat 16th notes or whatever fits, but only hit the string on the beats the note is meant to sound.