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Bugera 6260-212
9 56%
4 25%
3 19%
0 0%
Voters: 16.
Bugera 6260-212

Please help me, which of these is the best to buy?
It depends. We're talking about a whole different level of metal for each of those amps...

The Bugera is good I guess, really cheap, but I heard technical problems come far too early with those amps.

I've never played a Kustom amp so I can't really comment on that.

I like the Blackstar for it's quality and very low price, but avoid it if you're gigging. For home practice, it's the best of them all.

I like the Randall the best of that list. It's an awesome solid state amp (I think it's solid state), perfect for all brootalz from what I experienced with it. It almost has no clean tone though at all (Very crunchy IMO), and I played it through a strat through the neck position...
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For metal??? How loud do you need to play and what other kind of gear do you have? The Kustom Defender is kind of more like a rock and roll amp. The Bugera or the Randall are the better amps out of those.
HT-5 if you dont plan on playing with drums and such
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