So the thing is I want to make a song with a Stoner Rock vibe ( some kyuss, Unida, Yawning man and Ahkmed) and I looking to get the typical stoner bass tone.

my setup is my Laney Rb9, for bass I have my Ibanez sr506 and for effects the Sansamp bass driver DI
Different types of stoner rock sound. For Kyuss and early QOTSA you'll need tude overdrive, nothing but the real thing will suffice I'm araid. Other bands like Sasquatch use over the top fuzz like the Bass Big Muff Pi or Wooly Mammoth.

As for Eqing, boost the bass a bit, the mid a lot and almost completely cut the highest frequencies, then play with a pick.
well with the help of the bass and the Bass Driver I got a very similar tone to Scott Reeder of Kyuss thx for the help Spaz
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I can definitely help you here

Here are some of my preferences for stoner rock. I tend to play more Sleep, Acid King, and Fu Manchu type stoner stuff, but these settings can definitely work well with other types, like Kyuss or Electric Wizard.

Boost the bass and low-mids, keep high-mids at noon, and cut treble to maybe 9 o'clock.

The Ric 4001 works very well for stoner rock. The pickups are naturally very midrangy, so it cuts through well, but the overall tone compliments fuzz and tube warmth.

Hollowbody: This is my personal favorite for stoner rock bass. The Lakland Hollowbody sounds amazing, as do the older Guild Starfires and Epiphone Jack Casady basses. In my opinion, the warmth and roundness of hollowbody basses goes perfect with stoner rock.

I personally use a Sunn Spectrum, which is one of the standards in stoner rock, however, any all tube bass amp will work well. Tube preamp is a must, all tube is preferable. Other great stoner bass amps are Ashdown, the Ampeg SVT-CL, and the Orange AD-200B. These are all a little pricey, but definitely worth it. The Fender Bassman 300 is amazing as well.

Honestly, a good quality 410 should work fine. Some people prefer 15s, but I find that those can be too muddy.

The key to a good stoner rock rig is to keep it simple. If you wanted, a nice drive or fuzz would work well, but what I find sounds best is splitting your bass signal into two separate inputs: one clean, and one distorted. That way you don't lose the lowend.

I hope this helps! Have fun my friend.
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