poem i wrote please critic4 critic thanks

"Bright, Shinning, full of passion,
emmy award winning show
you had me hook line and sinker,
but now i know

your as empty as the hollywood you wear,
your empty and you just dont seem to care
your empty like a 12 by six inch stare
your empty and you just dont seem to care,

Waterworks, the sky is falling,
in the background she is calling
, calling and calling,
her voice is sprawling
from her vocal cords through the telephone lines, lies
i love them'
i need them,
lies t'll do what i can to feed them,

lost without moral compass
or morals or compass alike,
you have no bearings as you speed into the night, right,
you were right,
right, fight, might,RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT,
IN THE END, you were right.

If i say im lying am i telling the truth?
Shawn Lane Rest In Peace!
Rip Dimbag
and sadly Rip Roger "Syd" Barrett gone but not forgotten
and more so recently Brad Delp
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