so i'm having a gig in two days and i had this strings for one and a half month,
should i change them or keep them ? i play for about 5 hours a day and use the floyd rose a lot.
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yes change them
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Change them the day before the gig for the to settle in. Make sure that a couple of hours before the gig you play 'em a little bit and keep them tuned. Make sure to take a couple of sets of spares.
i have a gig this sunday, and ill change my strings tonight to let them settle. I usually give them 3 days or so to do so, last thing you want is your stings to be stretching during your gig.
i wouldnt change strings the day of or even the day before a gig. unless you planned on playing for a couple hours before the gig. you basicly want the strings to have time to settle and stretch out a bit before you play heavily on them at a gig. but if you have a chance to break them in a bit before hand, then go for it. now i personally dont have any problems with strings that are a bit older, so i wouldnt change them.
I usually change strings the day before a gig. Just make sure you play them a bit and stretch them out
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I've had my current set on for well over 8 months I don't even remember how long it's been now and I've been gigging a couple times a month. But I also don't play as much as you and don't have a FR.
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change them right now
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