I've been told air movements are best for between chord changes. I've been taught anchoring for some, but I was told later on it's not the best way. So I'd rather learn air changes than one finger, next finger, next finger. Better to do it now then learn this then something else because my mind will still want to do one by one changes.

Anyways I know the chords, I don't have to look at tabs for them, I know where my fingers should go, but when I lift them and try to move them at the same time in the air. My fingers pretty much roll into a ball and if they could yell it would be along the lines of "WTF is going on?!". Is this due to strength,flexibility, speed problems? What can I do to work on this? I know your answer is going to be practice, practice, and more practice. I do about 30 minutes a day of chord changes. I feel very little progress. If there is anything you recommend in terms of exercises or stretches please list.
Its a little something called "finger independance". The more you play the more control you have over your fingers. It will come to you eventually.
Bumping this due to how much it's helped me. If you follow what Pebber Brown says your progress becomes unreal. I was having problems with my C Chord, I could air change all chords, but had to drop 1 finger at a time for C, I stuck to exercises and practicing the changes, and I'm shocked how good this works. Any beginners should definitely check out both these videos. =)