My friend bought a Metal Muff without the original power adapter, so he got a random mutivolt 300mA power adapter. It has options for 3/5/7/9 and 12 volts. He uses it on 9 for his pedal and it works fine. But today he accidentaly connected it at 12volts, then he noticed and changed to nine, but the pedal wouldnt turn on and he shat brix. His adapter works on my pedal, and I have no batteries to test, but do you think his pedal got screwed? Is it fixable?

He probably fried something putting 12v through the circuit. I made that mistake once myself a few years back. Ruined a perfectly good boost pedal.
If he knows his electronics, the proper way to test caps and resistors, how to read a schematic, etc. then yes he has a chance of fixing it.
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do you think it's easily fixed?

Depends, the current probably burnt through a resistor or triac or something. Just get it checked and replace the component. Shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Now that I think of it, most pedals come with a short-circuit-safety. Check for what looks like this little glass vial, with metal at the ends. If the wire within is loose, get a new one. should cost you about $0.20 - 0. 50.

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