great playing. recording was good. the vocals were hard to hear. and kind of muddy. they need to go up in the mix. i would think twice before releasing this. i think it needs allot of work. it just doesnt do it. kind of scary actualy lol. i think you guys know you can do better then this. its not bad but not good eather. anyways keep it up.

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The riffs are cool and the overall structure flows up very well, but i think the vocals need a lot of work, it doesnt sound clear enough, the drums doesnt sound right to me either, i mean they are great musically, but the way they are mixed... i dont know. i think the main problem is the recording, you got a great song in there, it just needs more clarity, keep it up you can come up with something too much better when its well recorded. good luck and thanks for your comment.
Very nice, Alot of the breakdowns remind me of all shall perish.
Well, I think the vocals need work. He just needs fresher vocal patterns and needs to scream more during the song. The drums, bass, and other guitar are mixed pretty low,(during the break at 2:43, I couldnt really tell what was going on)
Overall I think its pretty good! You guys just need better mixing/recording quality.