....would be good for dropped down 4 1/2 steps? I got Dean Markley 12's on my KKV with a EMG 81 in the bridge. The strings are still kinda loose. Maybe 13 or 14's? Not really picky about the brand just need some good strings to hold up.
What exactly are you playing in Drop G ?
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tuned to Ab standard? as in Ab Db Gb Cb Fb Bb?
Get a 7 stringer IMO.
To help, Cleartone has some HEAVY strings.
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4 and a half steps being what tuning?

and what amp you playing through and what guitar you got?

are you getting it set up properly for the tuning?
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Well you could try it I suppose, it's only a few bucks spent. If it doesn't work too good, consider a 7 stringer.
I got it set up good, strings still vibrate a little to much though. I'll look into Cleartone. Oh and G# for Cannibal Corpses newer songs.
Yeah if it's G# I would suggest a 7-Stringer. Or you could get a set of string for a 7-string and just use the bottom 6?
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Ibanez RGR420EX
Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo
Yamaha F-310
Kustom Arrow 16DFX
get a 7 or 8 stringer man
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I think Pat O'Brien uses 13's? Not too sure on that one though. And he's always had that B.C. Rich V, and it's a 6 string.