im not a big a fan of country but i quite enjoyed it, the voice fits the song very well, its simple but catchy, congratulations, and thanks for the comment
I took some Extenze, haha I loved it, so true as well. Not much to critique on, just needs better quality.
haha that made me feel good!

about the vocal dubs, try to lower them in volume a little bit, 3db lower than the lead usually goes best, else they will sound a bit strange (recording good dubs is quite difficult)

as a suggestion maybe try some harmonies here and there in stead off dubbing? i think they would come out great in this setting!!!

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I like your sound of guitar, and it is really a relaxing song, with a simple nice comic words.

Maybe you could record some better backing vocals for a chorus of a song.

I wouldn't change it much. It is would it should be, a funny relaxing personal song!

Igor Miskovic
I'm not the biggest country fan but I did enjoy it. The lyrics were quite hilarious as well. haha. maybe experiment with steel guitar/slide guitar for solos? not quite sure what to say seeing as i don't listen to country much. also, make the lyrics personal. write songs that sound like only you have written.