Well me and some friends wanna see how long we can stay awake. But it can be pretty boring when you've got nothing to do, right? So pit, this is where you come in. Give me a project, preferably something that will take lots of work to complete.

Im really looking for serious answers here, but i'll take standard pit answers too, just for the lulz...
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*sigh* yet again, only on UG would somebody rush to their computer to tell the pit when their lives or property are in dire trouble.
see who can jack off the most.
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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inb4 fap

It isn't something to do but my advice is eat alot of pizza. It has some nutrient or some health related property that keep you awake. Forgot which kind though..

Edit: God damn you ryan_nadon you ass brain ^^

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who can do the most consecutive hulla hoops
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do not go on guitar forums

there are drugs there

( and ololol there are )
you could play video games, and set up some sort of contest, like, first person to score 150 goals in an NHL game, or something, etc.
or you could build something.
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if so...... pics
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Book of shadows 2?