Hey guys I'm going to be in my school's jazz band this year and I need some help. I can read sheet music (I play tuba in the other band) but when it comes to guitar I need help to learn what frets equal what notes on the staff. If any one has tips or any sites that will help (preferably free) it'd be very much appreciated!
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That is, assuming that you need to learn treble clef. If you're learning where the notes go on a fretboard, you might want to try a beginner's book that's like $5. I know I know. "But I'm not a beginner!" Too bad! You don't have to be a beginner for beginner books to be useful.
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anywho, i learned by finding a note on one fret, like G as in open 3rd string is the second line from the bottom of the staff, so i just played up and down from the bottom and top registers of guitar. Careful you dont mix up bass and treble clef, and remember which notes have half steps between them
Almost all the notes on the guitar can be condensed into the first five frets, but to keep things less boring, it's better to think of things around 5 or 8th fret. A good way to practice is to write out the open, 3, 5, 7, 9 12th notes on the guitar and memorize them through practice.
I don't know what kind of school you go to, but in most big bands all you will need to know is your basic freddie green chord and be able to play all the major styles of rhythms.
Just wandering, but you do know tuba is in the bass clef, while guitar is in the treble clef, right?