So i was watching the news and americans were queueing in a stadium to see a doctor for free. The doctors were saying they normally worked in third world countries rather than the richest country on earth.

What are your opinions on nationalised healthcare? Its not that expensive in the UK i think i pay £15 a month or something towards it. I think i would be just as worried regarding a private hospital looking after you that a nationalised one.
Nationalised healthcare is a good thing. The only default I could give it is the people who go to hospital for not important thing.

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its socialism is what it is

call it what you want, its still something good that anyone who needs medication have medication.
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You know what I do when I need to see a doctor? Go see one. I don't line up in a stadium, waiting for hours, I walk in there.
You know how much I pay? Nothing.

Of course though, all the U.S. people that shall post about how government-funded healthcare is evil shall insist they know better than people who actually experience it.
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I think that it's discussed and closed too much, that's what I think.
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its socialism is what it is

and? do you think its fair that the poorest people in need to medical treatment go without because they are ill to begin with and therefore cant work or work in low paid jobs?