Hello all,

It is a glorious day. I received my new guitar today via mail and I must say, it is sexy as hell. I present, the Hagstrom Viking (sorry for crappy photo quality):

Complete shot

Body shot

Body close-up

Cool body shot


Tailpiece insignia (works especially well considering my last name starts with 'H')

The guitar plays just as beautifully as it looks. Seriously, the tone I get out of this thing blows my Highway One Strat out of the water, which is funny, considering I just pulled the "Made in China" sticker off of the Hagstrom.

The guitar feels solid in every respect. This guitar deserves a lot more credit than it's given - but that must be it's lack of a recognizable name such as Fender or Gibson.
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I see no Fender on that...GTFO!!!!

I keed, I keed.

HNGD!!!It looks amazing and I hope it sounds just as nice.
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I've heard Hagstrom makes excellent guitars. Couldn't find them in any store, just to test em.

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those tunning keys are sweet
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sweeeeet guitar man, HNGD!
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Very nice,I'm a Hag fan,I just got my 3rd yesterday. They just keep getting better.
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my new baby is a Select Swede,awesome guitar,the necks just feel so comfortable to me.
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Hagstrom definitely holds their quality. Now if I could just get my hand on those older Swede models made in Sweden back in the '80. Oh man!

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I want it.
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I can't even see it..

i thought it was just me
Can't see the pics.

The only time i can remember seeing a Hagstrom Viking was at a Rancid show.
Sounded great.
Nice red x's
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