I'm a begginer guitar player, but i've been playing bass for about a year now. I just got a guitar, so im using my bass amp with the guitar. I want to buy a decent amp with effects for it. Any ideas? Nothing too powerful, 15W is good. Also, i'm kinda broke so about $150 is my budget.
vypyr 15 wat is 99
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as suggested peavey vypyr 15 or roland microcube
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as suggested peavey vypyr 15 or roland microcube

About the best 2 suggestions given your needs and budget.
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Get a Peavey Vypyr 15w, best modeling amp yet.

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Guitar + bass amp = win. Pure Win.

I heard that you need about 4x more wattage than with a guitar amp.

Most small gigs use 50w guitar amps, so 200w bass amps would definately suffice. Also, but a nice multi-effect pedal to use with the amp, as most bass amps have crappy effects.
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save $50 more and spend $199 on the 30w vypyr. it is ridiculous for the price. you will be deaf on 2/13 volume. plus like 15+ amp models and 15+ effects.

don't buy anything else and don't use a bass amp.
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Roland MicroCube, Vox Da5 or VibroChamp. I'm sorry Vypyr guys, I've seen a ****ton of these come back with issues. About as often as the Spider III.

Also, it's fine to use a bass amp with a guitar.
if i got the 30W vypyr, would my bass blow it out? or would it work? i'm trying to kill two birds with one stone, lol
A bass would destroy the cone of the speaker (I think, it ruins some part of it)
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bass guitars mess up guitar amp speakers because the frequency it plays at is too hard on the speaker to vibrate at (if that makes any sense) itll just sound like a muddy mess of crap. ALTHOUGH if you get a Pod X3 Live you can plug in base or guitar and use the pod as a preamp and buy a power amp. Itll cost more but itll be worth it in the end.