I need to take my Deluxe Reverb on the train/subway regularly, do people in similar situations use a case for their amp?

If i used the subway to lug my amps around, I probably would. If its a rather big amp that is. If it was only 5watts i probably wouldn't. But I usually use a car or van, so using a case isn't really incredibly necessary. I juust wrap it in a blanket or something.
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Any transportation with my amp is done by car, so the head goes in my passenger seat buckled in and my cab goes in the the back seat buckled in (1x12 Blackheart cab and Little Giant head)
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On the plus side, it would be better protected, and you could roll it, but on the down side, it would be significantly bulkier, 10-25 pounds heavier, and probably not carriable with one hand.

I can't tell you which way for sure, but thats just my two cents.