This is my band called 'Red Is The Sea'
We are a metalcore band from Oak Creek, WI (which is near MILW).
We've been playing for about a year now, and hope to record our Debut EP this winter. We've only played one show to date, but we've already booked one in September, and two more are in the process of being confirmed.

The main reason why we haven't played more shows, is because we don't have a decent quality recording for people to hear. We'd much rather you base your judgment off of our live performance.

(haha, i got our e-mail and accidentally put it as our myspace link. It should work. But seriously, don't even listen to the audio files, but scroll down and check out our video from the rave. It was our first show, so we were a little nervous)
Our myspace is www.myspace.com/redistheseaband
Our e-mail is ritsband@hotmail.com

E-mail me with any questions or booking
You can also call me for booking, (414)943-2894

If anyone in the Milwaukee/Chicago metro area is interested, we are playing a battle of the bands on Friday, Sept. 25th at the rave, tickets are only 8 bucks, and we would greatly appreciate your support.
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myspace link doesn't work bro
When the last living thing has died on account of us,
how poetical it would be if Earth could say,
in a voice floating up perhaps from the floor of the Grand Canyon,
"It is done. People did not like it here."
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myspace link doesn't work bro

It's fixed now
use a metronome. uhm better equipment. screaming was alright.