Looking for a new guitar... wanting a 7 string... i hear schecters are pretty good but only from one or two people... i want something powerful and good for metal
Theres an rg series by ibanez that my guitarist uses and he loves it, i prefer the schecter personally but im not a guitarist by trade. The ibanez is also only like 400 or so if i remember.
Look on ebay for some used schecters. I got a really nice one for 450$, it was some thing like 800 new, hadn't been used at all.
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does anyoen know of nice 7 strings otthers then schecters? im considering schecter but i want to explore and reaseacrh different types of 7 strings ebfor emaking sucha large investment
I'd go with the schecter. Quite the bang for your buck imo.
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I've heard really good reviews about the rg7321, what's so bad about it?

I'm looking into 7 strings myself.
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The Schecter C-7 Blackjack is great. The neck is a bit thick, but some people prefer that. The guitar comes with passive Seymour Duncan pickups, if you're into active pickups check out the C-7 Blackjack ATX (with Seymour Duncan Blackouts) or the C-7 Hellraiser (with EMG 707 TW that can be coil-tapped). I'd go with the Blackjack because I prefer passive pickups. Each one of these guitars has a version that comes with a Floyd Rose bridge so you have a lot of options to choose from. If you like the feel of Ibanez guitars, Check out the Ibanez RG1527 but it only comes with a floating bridge. The only fixed-bridge model they're making now is the RG7321, which is pretty good if you change the stock pickups. Ibanez and Schecter guitars feel different so try both and see what you're comfortable with.
Scheter and ibanez do some good ones. Agile also suposedly does an excellent 7 string.
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I've heard really good reviews about the rg7321, what's so bad about it?

I'm looking into 7 strings myself.

Scale length is too short, pickups are awful, electronics are scratchy, tuners don't stay in tune, nut isn't very good, bridge isn't very good, jack is very loose and can't be reliably tightened.
thanks, my budget is at 1000$ at the moment but i can make more. Schecters seem to be the best choice after reading those replies. Thank you fior your input