Vocalist here looking for some online jamming opportunities

I am 19 years old, also play guitar and a few horns if need be, I'm into funk, rock, and prog stylings a la Extreme, Three, DT, Imogen Heap, Joey Eppard, and many others and I'm up for most projects.
The only thing is that my voice is fairly clean, aka no real rasp, some people like that, others prefer rasp, idk.

To get an example of my voice, take a look at the link in my sig. In that recording I do all the vocals and all the guitar parts.

let me know if you want to get anything goin,

i would but I LIKE METAL j/p i like anything that interest me....my skills need more work. good luck with finding someone (non-sarcastically)

edit: is DT a song ?
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