well i was wondering which is a better deal.

This One

A Peavey Classic VT Series 212 (125$)


This One


take in mind i need a good upgrade from my spider 3 15 watt lol

i also need it for gigs. so whitch is better?
or are they both bad?

i play thrash,neo-classical mostly.

need help quickly!!
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I'd go with the first.


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Quote by Dr.Pain-MD
I'd go with the first.

Kudos to that, and it looks to be and better condition.

It also is a 2x12, not a 1x12. So it'd be better for gigs I suppose.
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personally since i played both the 212 is loud and probably would suite you better for gigs.
one x_vox
so i guess im getting that one lol.

but i keep reading reviews and the cleans are amazing from what i hear. but the distortion is iffy. but i wouldn't mind getting a pedal

but what about tubes?

it says i would need to buy new ones and i know nothing about tubes
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You play thrash and neo-classical metal?

Get the Bandit, not the classic. The Bandit is I think made more for metal then the classic.

And the Bandit is very loud. I don't put mine on 2 before it is freaking loud. (mainly because my mids are on 8, but still)

EDIT: Also, the Bandit's speaker sucks. And it's noisy when you put the amp's pregain on 7 or above.
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i really dont wanna make a stupid choice. i know ill be great either way but i wanna pick one that better suits me.
so ill wait till i get more responses.
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wow now i found an even cheaper amp in a better price range

a crate MX120r 2x12 COMBO AMP

for 60 bucks.

now i really dont know
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There's an edit button. Use it.

I've heard the Crate isn't very good, but don't kill me if I'm wrong.

And this isn't a chatroom. Be patient.