My budgets around $700.

I've been out of guitar for a long time, just got back to playing recently, so I don't know whats good anymore. I probably will never be in a band again, but you never know.

I play a Schecter Omen 6.

I play lots of different styles of music. Lots of classic rock, ZZ Top, Nugent, AC/DC, Styx, Ozzy, a little metal like Pantera and Metallica, some country and even some swing.

I want a good, verstile combo amp, and I'd be perfectly willing to upgrade my pickups if you think it would really help and have some suggestions.


Oh.... and I really like to be able to get some harmonic "squeals" out of it.
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Carvin has a Vai Legacy...it's around there...And Bugera makes some decent stuff for that price range.
you might not get country twang out of a bugera, if you wanted country twang you should buy a tele and a fender blues deluxe.
The country twang isn't too terribly important. A good overdriven hard rock sounds ranks higher on my priorities.

I've been reading Bugera threads. It seems like their sound is pretty popular, but maybe some reliability issues?
If we're just talking amps you've got several options out there for that budget. One of course has to be a Marshall. They've came out with a line called the Haze series which you can get in a combo with effects for exactly your budget price. That amp is an all tube marshall in 40watts. You would most definatley get a great tone outta that baby.

Next you can go after the valvetronix series of amps from VOX. Those amps are awesome they can also be purchased in combos and have a ton of different amp models and settings as well. An you can get them right in your price range i paid 400 for my Valvetronix 50wt. This arent true tube amps but they do have one tube in them an do produce a feel similar to an all tube powered amp great stuff.

Next you've got the peavey series of amps i'm not real familiar with them or their pricesy but i know the peavey valve-king retails for around right at 400. This amp i know is an all tube powered amp although i've heard its a cheap all tube amp, its still gotten some great tone from what ive heard in the music store.

For pickups man im partial to the EMG 81\85 those are ****ing awesome as always. You can get screaming harmonics outta those babie foresure. They are a little pricey though about 90 dollars a piece here in the US. I've heard good things about the seymour duncan blackout series too you could check into those. It really just depends on what your needs are.

Well i hope this helps you out if you want a good music gear website check musiciansfirend.com or americanmusicsupply.com.

Yeah, I've been looking on Musicians Friend just to look at prices and such. I just didn't know what's good and what's not anymore. Thanks for the help. If I keep the amp to 500 bucks or so I'd have enough left for those EMG's. Sounds kinda fun. Would they be acceptable for "other than rock/metal" genres?
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Emgs are mostly used for rock/metal, but i guess with the right applications an such you could use them for other styles as well like punk or death metal etc. They have an extreme amount of output so they well beefin up your tone foresure.
Sorry for the double posts man but i just glanced over your styles you play an all you mentioned above like ozzy, pantera, ac\dc, metallica the EMG pickups will be perfect for all those applications.