i have 2 used bass im considering buying... either a squier p-bass with some emgs in it for $80 or a fender mex standard p-bass for $200... which should i buy? and also an amp that would be suitable for jamming with a full band.
Play them both and decide for yourself.

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If it's your first bass I'd personally recomment the Squier, just because it's cheap and already slightly modded, plus it'd give you that bit of extra money for a better amp, as a better quality amp would generally yield a better sound than a decent bass and a crappy amp.
And that's if you'd buy the Squier rather than the Fender, or is that just a special "amp budget" in general? For around a hundred bucks I don't know if I could really think of a "decent" amp suitable for jamming with a full band, unless you'd be mic'd up to a PA, but even then, I personally can't think of any decent bass amps for that price, though I'm not much of an amp person.
its all cool because ive found quite a few used 30 watt+ fender & peavey amps in the 100- 200 range. would you reccomend peavey or fender?... or is it a bad idea to buy a used amp?
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If you can test out the amps beforehand then I wouldn't dismiss used amps, though if you're playing with a full band I've always heard it's recommended that you use an amp that's about twice the wattage as the guitarists. But as an alright practice amp one of those could work, but it depends on the models of each you're talking about.
yeah, you're gonna want at least 150 watts with a band, 200 would be better and I wouldn't want less than 300.
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o okay wow i didnt think i needed that much wattage... i normally play guitar and a 40 watt amp is plenty to play lead in my friends basement in a band setting... okay thanks for all the help. ill let ya know what i get when i get home
definatly ampeg 8x10 svt cab and a ampeg with a svt 2 head lol that will only be like 4000 =)
haha well i ended up scrapping the bass idea because i fell in love with a jackson kelly i found at the store so i bought it instead... but thanks for all of the help... ill end up buying a bass one of these days