wassup, how many of you guys play live with this guitar. and how well has it held up to the typical abuses of live play. such as, getting knocked over, dropped (lord forbid), beer spills, goons grabbing your baby by the neck, to look at it , temp changes. ive owned my c1 classic for a year now but my job kept me from doing any live gigs. its by far the fanciest guitar ive ever owned what with the vine "o"life crawling up the neck, and the body finsh is sweet. ne way am thinking of joining a band as rythym player, and since this is my sole guitar at this time, just want to be sure it has the beef as well as the looks. ive seen many beautiful guitars that fell apart after 3-4 months of constant practicing and gigging.
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I don't have the classic, but my C-1 has held up for months of bedroom playing, band practicing, and gigging. It has survived the transporting process quite well. Unless you drop it from 100 feet, or spill Beer all over the pick ups, you should be ok. I was at least
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I've been gigging with mine for a while now, no complaints what so ever.
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