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We have a speaking exam in German coming up very soon, and I need to prepare a speech. One of the thins that must be talked about are reason that I would want to go to Germany, and one of the main ones is bands from Germany and the surrounding area. I want to mention that, and elaborate by giving examples of2 or 3 bands. I already have Kreator, but I don;t seem to be able to thing of any other bands that are purely from Germany and dont have names that I would get in trouble for saying out loud. Any suggestions?
And I dont like Rammstein or Necrophagist. Death metal is fine, just not them, for some odd reason....
caliban, calijon, heaven shall burn,

hows them 3
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Helloween, Sodom, Scorpions
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Tokyo Hotel...

But in all seriousness I second Nearea and Blind Guardian
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Sodom, Kreator


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Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Megaherz, Oomph!, Unheilig, Herzer, Eisheilig, Letzte Instantz, Die Bote, all I got at the moment

And +1 for Neaera and Heaven Shall Burn
Sodom are the only like Kreator I can think of.
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pfff german metal everyone knows its all 'bout that nowegian black metal!!!!

lol but seriously Sodom is pretty good

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rammstein, böhse onkelz und die apokalyptischen reiter seit wann singen die bei blind guardian deutsch?
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