I'm sure this isn't too unusual but I don't pick the conventional way. It's like I have a pretty extreme hitchhiker's thumb that I keep bent back while I do most the moving with my whole arm and pointer finger. I've been playing for six years and haven't found anyone who picks like this. My pinky normally touches the guitar and other 2 fingers are open. Anyone pick like this or know anyone who picks like this so I can learn from them? It makes my picking sloppy when I change speed.
If it makes your picking sloppy then it's not a good idea to be picking that way.
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I... don't understand your description but chances are there's someone else out there who picks like that... whether they're any good or not I have no idea

But I do second Steven's opinion on the matter as well.
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I don't reli understand your description either but my thumb also bends back at a right angle and is hard to stop.
What you are describing sounds very uncomfortable to me. Have you ever tried picking other ways? Like getting the motion from your wrist and not your whole arm.
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