What do you guys think are some scales that every bass player should know?
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Major, minor(natural, harmonic, melodic, and if you really want, hungarian) dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, locrian, (I didn't put aolian mode since it's the same as natural minor) blues, major and minor pentatonic, chromatic, maybe a few others? Like super locrian?
yeah, basically all of them
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Learn your Major, Minor and Harmonic and Melodic Minors same forms as a guitar if you know them on a guitar. The modes arent any different than major and minor scales its the chords that make the difference, start figuring out what key you are in all the time and the scales will be simplified.
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yeah, basically all of them

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Well, if you want to play in a pop punk band (why are they allowed to be classified as 'bands' again?) you don't have to know anything except what chord the guitarist is playing!

.. I hate people.

On a serious note, get yourself a chord book and just start playing through it. Soon you'll build up muscle memory of all the scales and their modes. (Or a reasonable amount.)

I personally use the Bass Grimoire.
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Learn the lot, but you should know at least the basic Major, Minor (Natural, Harmonic and Melodic), Pentatonic Minors and Pentatonic majors. Get those down and move on to modes.
I know natural majors and minors and of course pentatonics. I can't bring myself to learn the harmonic and melodic minors or any of that mode stuff.
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Natural Major and Minor

The Pentatonic scale both major and minor, blues is easy to get with this knowledge.

And then the mixolydian mode ... just cause i think it sounds good.

Everyone knows the chromatic scale even if they dont realize it, but it is useful for passing tones.

Ive yet to learn the harmonic and melodic minor scales ... the above can usually get me through the day so far anyway.
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minor/major pentatonic and blues
major and relative minors
harmonic and melodic minors
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as shapes, I only really know pentatonic, major and minor. you can move notes up/down a semitone in the last two to get the modes.
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Well, if you want to play in a pop punk band (why are they allowed to be classified as 'bands' again?) you don't have to know anything except what chord the guitarist is playing!

.. I hate people.

Because they are bands and you are closed minded. And not all pop-punk has following basslines, not to mention that there are countless bands in ALL genres that DO follow the guitars (sure, there are virtuoso metal bassists, but look at all of the rootpounders, there are a lot of them).

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The A ascending melodic minor is A B C D E F# G# A
A Hungarian minor is A B C D# E F G# A

So is the descending melodic minor the same then?

I've always been under the impression that they were (well, in the world that is somehow pushing away the difference between the melodic minor. One 'guitar' book I found somewhere, granted it wasn't a very good one or whatever, didn't even have the difference between ascending and descending melodic minor)

I'm not sure though, I'm not really trained in this all that much
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Depends what you play. I'd say all of them. It's not hard.
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As many as possible.

I'm working on this. At the moment I know major, minor, pentatonic and blues. Not enough.
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So is the descending melodic minor the same then?

The descending melodic minor is the same as the natural minor. It's a little bit outdated to use it that way (or so some say) so jazz musicians thought they'd be all smart and said it should be the same both up and down. They call it the jazz minor scale.
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