Hey guise. Anybody know when the competition for slurpee capital of the world began?

Winnipeg has been the capital for the last 10 years, but I'd like to know who was before us.
Man, I haven't had one of those in so long.
And I think slurpee capital of the world is whatever 7-11 sells the most slurpees in a year.
Hey GTFO my city.

*sips on slurpee*

actually I don't drink them that much they give me bad gas. But here in Winnipeg there is a 7-11 on almost every street corner.
I don't think it really mattered because no city would win it every single year.

Winnipeg made the title "slurpee capital of the world" famous.

End of story.
Couldn't any one city claim they are the slurpee capital of the world, since there is no formal structure to which any group of cities are bound?
I don't think you're understand the question. He wants to know when the competition began.
I've been to the ice cream capital of the world.

I win.
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I love Slurpees. There aren't any 7-11s in Tennessee, so I almost never get to have them.
EDIT: Okay, I lied. There's four. In the entire state. Four. Two of those are in Memphis. None are anywhere near Nashville. WTF?
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I ****ing love Slurpee's. They're having a battle of the bands and I want to upload my video, but I need to add a mobile phone contact... and I don't have unlimited text.

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I had a slurpee today, was wondering why I haven't had one in the longest, then the stomach aches came,

I love slurpees, but they always mess up my system,