Someone help me make a practice schedule so that i can practice on a daily basis and that i can teach myself to play guitar more efficiently.

here is the thing: i am a beginner and i know various riffs and parts of songs and 2 full songs (the darkest nights, and through struggle, both by As I Lay Dying).

what should i be learning/practicing? how should i go about this? and any other help would be appreciated.

thank you guys alot!
wow taking this guitar thing a bit too serious making up a schedule and sucg
but learn some chords,scales,fretboard memorization and pratice some music theory..
and learn whatever songs you like lol goodluck..btw the only thing i have a schedue for is gym
Im just really inspired man.
Thanks for the tips!

By schedule, i dont really mean schedule but more like "agenda"
Like what things i should be learning and practicing each time i sit down to play.
What should i focus on, should i play with a metronome? Etc.
Just help in general would be awesome!
YES! Practice with a metronome, it's unbelievable how much it helps your timing and rhythm. As for what to practice, I suggest learning all the forms of the major and minor scales and practice running those forms with a metronome for like half an hour or an hour a day. I recommend setting the tempo of the metronome slow at first so you can make sure you're fretting and playing all the notes properly and cleanly, and then you can increase the tempo as you get more comfortable.

Also, check out the lessons on this website, some people have made some really useful threads about how to practice correctly and effectively.

Hope this helped!
Metronome's are definitely a good call as Scott mentioned. Also I would start working on learning some scales, Major, Minor, Pentatonic. If you're interested you should check out the theory behind them as this can give insight into how solos/chords are constructed (but theory is really not necessary).

I would start learning open chords and barre chords as well even if they're not present in the songs you're learning to play. Learning these chords will mobilize your hands and can definitely come in handy in the future
+1 on the metronome again, you should get into the habit of always practicing with one.

An example for an agenda would be like

x amount of time learning chords and switching between various combinations of these chords
x amount of time practicing scales, fretboard memorization in different ways
x amount of time practicing songs
x amount of time practicing whatever you want to practice or just to noodle around.
(Say you could practice for 100 minutes everyday, just split these groups evenly in the beginning and build from there, i.e. add more time to the area you need the most work on)

The reason i inserted practicing songs, is because learning songs that you want to learn in their entirety will not only be fun, but they will help your technique and teach you more things than you realize. Also there isnt anything wrong with a nice, fat repitiore

dont be afraid to tackle difficult things, just start out really really slow, and slowly build up speed, again with the use of a metronome
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Just try and learn the songs you really like, then analyze them. You should always know what you are playing. Find out what key the song is in, what scale patterns the guitarist uses, what are thw chords, and so on...I think you can learn alot that way.

And yes...with a metronome.
oh yeah i forgot to mention the metronome thing..just dwnload a phone version
that's what i do..works well