Place you peed

I would have to say either peeing out my window, or off my bridge.

Edit: I forgot to say, I have peed in my hamper also.
It smelled so bad :S
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The most unorthodox place I've pissed was probably on a small catholic school. At least that's the first thing I can think of off the top of my head.
while skateboarding... oh yea
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In the back seat of somones truck. I dident piss myself but opened their door and peed. The guys a huge douche.
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while skateboarding... oh yea

That reminds me of that one music video were at one part hes squating and taking a dump while hes riding his skateboard.
i peed in a bottle then diluted it with h2o and watered my plants with it free source of nitrogen or watever..but then my plant was dying and i had to change the soil..random spot?the floors in public places :S i don't think i did any random things except outside a pharmacy near to a highwayyyyyyy
iv took a **** of a bridge before and literally as i was just starting about 20 ramblers started coming past, managed to get half out but had to hold the rest as they walked past only a few metres away from me. Cracked me up they were all trying not to acknowledge that i was there lol waited till they'd all walked past, which seemed like forever and was killing me, then i released the rest. I tell you the second part of that **** was almost as pleasuring as an orgasm

i was having a crap not a piss so dunno if its relevant just brought back fond memories
ehhh, i piss where ever, at school, off bridges, at random places in the city when i can't find a toilet, when riding bikes down the highway... just anywhere when i need to go
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In one of those empty rectangular holes near all the curved pieces of stone sticking out the ground and crying people.
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I pissed off a cliff. It felt liberating.
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I have peed off a bridge before.. quite a few times actually, always good fun.
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into a bottle whilst sitting in the passenger seat of my mates car. we were on a long journey and we didnt have time to stop. it was really difficult, especially when i filled the first bottle, luckily i had an empty mcdonalds milkshake cup as back up. the contents went out of the window and all over the car behind. unfortunatly it wasnt a convertable, that would have been funny!!
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