Its almost about time i got a new mp3 player since my Samsung 4gb is nearly full.

I'm thinking about getting an apple ipod nano. Is it quiet similar to the Samsung t- 10? And also, can i still put songs onto it using windows media player? And also, are they reliable and will it last for more than at least 3 years?

EDIT: I've done a little bit of research and i think i will stick with samsung and try and get the same model with more space.
Is there anyone in NZ who knows where i can buy samsung yp t 10 mp3 players??
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No you can't put them on from there from WMP, but you can just add the whole music folder to itunes in one go.
And I've got one from 3 and a half years ago that's been through a washing machine and still works.
use itunes, much better. much better.

never used a t-10

depending on how much u charge it, it should last quite a while.
ipod's run on li-ion batteries that have charge counts. i think ipods have approx (not sure here) 200-300 counts. once u use that up, its practically useless, unless u replace the battery through sum shifty shop.

i recommend charging the ipod when u put new songs into it, "syncing" n just leave it there to charge. I do this abt once a week n the battery lasts me a whole week and ive had my ipod nano for abt 2 years.

Its pretty hard to break, always in ur pocket, so it should be ok. i recommend a case thts hardish if ur a worry wart. Personally, i dun use a case..
I recommend the samsung .I hate itunes because it's really userunfriendly with the samsung you can drag and drop I think wich is a lot better than using the annoying itunes and Ipods are known for their bad sound quality and are expensive for what you get.