Okay so my epiphone les paul is really ****ty and is just about falling apart. I'm looking to buy a new guitar somewhere within the $500-$800 range, maybe even $900, maybe. I want a guitar that has a warm tone, very bluesy. But my playing style would be considered metal, punk, and hardcore. Jumbo frets and a smooth fast neck are preferred.

I am thinking about buying a telecaster but I am still unsure. I know Les pauls are an obvious choice but I already have one and want to try something new. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
I say this all the time on these forums.... try them out and buy what you like. Guitars (even from the same manufacturer and model) are different. Don't let anyone dictate what you should buy.

You're the one that has to be happy with your purchase.
A great all around guitar would be the amber sunburst LTD EC1000, ive had my eye on one for a long time