This is the first song I've written. I'm not sure about the genre but it has some heavy, "epic" parts as well as a couple quiet, chill parts. I wrote it with the imagery of ancient Roman warfare in mind. It was influenced by music from Metallica, KISS, Opeth, and The Legend of Zelda. Let me know what you think!
Killing the War God.zip
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omg....that was your first song? that was one of the best songs that i've ever heard, not just on here, but in my entire life....lol...that was sweet...This crit is gunna suck, but i honestly have nothing wrong with it...but, yea i could definetly hear all of your inspiration in there...I definetly picked up a Zelda vibe around bar 50 and up into the first solo...dude, it was wicked...I Loved the verse riffs with the strings...The acoustic were nice too...It was definetly epic...You have to let me know if you ever record that for real...

Overall....10/10...perfect song...Awesomeness..

C4C? its song 10 in my sig if you have the time...thanks
im sorry im not a big fan of this song so im not going to crit it properly. however i do really like the solos.
How on earth is this your first song? It's too good

It's set at a great speed. Nice to see a metal song that isn't over 150BPM lol. It really has this epic anthemic vibe to it. Certain parts of it remind me of Wrathchild from Iron Maiden.

Everything is very well written, especially the drums and bass, which is what a lot of people tend to neglect (or in some cases, overdo).

As I listen though, I thought it sounded kinda awkward in bar 40 where you ended the section of the song on an A. Personally, I thought it sounded better to end on E, but that's just me. Also, I think the transition wasn't smooth enough. I think there should be a few bars rest in between the last note and the bass interlude, and the instruments should take a little longer to fade out.

The solo was great, really melodic. The last note should fade out over the acoustic interlude (which is pretty awesome, btw).

Other than that, it's a really solid piece, and would sound pretty awesome recorded. Only things that could be fixed are the transitions.
This is really good for your first song it varies a lot and keeps you interested. A few transitions were sketchy, but for the most part it was very clean, and I also like the solos. I'd give it a 7.5/10
Sounds pretty good for your first song man, wish I was good at tabbing/composing in GP back when I started haha, took me a while to get the hang of it.

I really like the riff for Verse 1, reminds me of Demons and wizards for some reason. The keyboard def. works there, great job!

Verse 2 was ****ing epic man, great job on the layering of the instrumentals.

The bass interlude was a wee bit too long for my taste, took too long to build up to the solo IMO. The solo itself was decent, I liked how you phrased it.

Bar 67 was my fav part of the song, I love acoustic interludes when they're pulled off right, this one was =D

Overall it was a good song, long at some parts but I suppose they were necessary.

I give it a solid 8/10, keep up the great work!

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"Our revenge so everlasting sweet,
Enslave your Children, Behead the weak,
Kill every last Man, Woman and Machine
The cleansing has begun.
Your meek defense is foolish,
we come from the stars a trillion strong."
haha, when i listen to this i have to think about "Mc Kratos" from "God Of War".
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Holy shit nemesis, that was depressing.
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Hey thanks everyone for the crit. jetfuel495, you're definitely right about the fades and bars of rests at the transitions. Transitions are always the toughest for me. I tend to be impatient when I'm writing songs and just skip to the next part without much thought to fading subtly and whatnot, lol! So I'm glad you pointed that out.

Also I'm really surprised anyone likes the first solo because I did not put any thought into that and I hate it, lol!

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Overall it was a good song, long at some parts but I suppose they were necessary.

Do you think if I add some simple droning leads (like in the style of Opeth's "Blackwater Park" in the clean interlude) that would keep it from dragging on?
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The intro is pretty damn nice. It gets you nice and pumped up and it continues. I can tell you were influenced by Opeth because the verse reminded me of The Baying of the Hounds. Damn dude this a very good for a first song. Some of the riffs seem like they were used by a lot of bands but I can't blame you. It's hard to be 100% original anymore. I didn't like the bridge with jsut the bass. It was much better once the solo started. i like the 7/8 4/4 alternating section and the second solo was jsut badass. Bridge 2 was far superior to the first. Very nice work man. Keep it up