Hey guys. Just wondering how a hollowbody would sound in a heavier music environment? Looking at this in particular;


I will be switching out the bridge humbucker for something higher output to help beef it up, but im worried that it will sound too bright for my tastes?
I'll be running it through a peavey 5150 and a v30 loaded cab.

Thanks guys
I don't think it's the brightness that would be bad, but there might be a hell of a lot of feedback, especially with something so high gain as a 5150. I imagine it would be good for stoner/sludge/drone/noise etc, but not so much other styles of metal (although I did once see a hardcore punk band using one of these http://www.dv247.com/guitars/fender-tc-90-thinline--34771 with a heck of a lot of distortion, and it sounded VERY good, amazingly powerful palm mutes, and no feedback issues). I suggest going to a volume-friendly shop and trying out a few with loud high gain amps, because only then will you really know the extent of the feedback.
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For heavier styles? Bad idea. They feedback like CRAZY, even on fairly low gain settings. For metal the feedback will drive you nuts. Use a regular solidbody instead.
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Thanks guys, i also have a Boss NS-2 if this will help with feedback.
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A noise gate won't do anything for feedback.

There are a few things you can do to minimise feedback in a semi-hollow or full hollow body guitar.
Covering up the f-holes is one option, and is why B.B.King's guitars don't have f-holes.
Standing much further away from the amp and keeping the front of the guitar facing away from the amp at all times is another option - Dave Grohl uses semi-hollow body guitars all the time with a lot of preamp gain and doesn't get feedback because he's usually at the other side of the stage to his amp.
Using lower output pickups, setting your pickups further away from the strings and making use of distortion pedals or preamp gain on an amp that has a solid state rectifier will minimise feedback. It won't eliminate it, but it'll make it much less of a problem than if you had high output pickups right next to the strings driving the amp hard. Some people suggest using active pickups modded for ultra-low output for the same reasons.

However, generally, you can't completely negate feedback in any semi-hollow or full hollowbody guitar. Even if you stuffed the f-holes with socks (which is what B.B.King did in his earlier days), stood at the far side of a large hall to your amp and used Alnico II Pro pickups wired in parallel and tapped down to a third their already very low output, you could still get some feedback. If you're going to use a semi-hollow or full hollowbody guitar, even if you play completely clean, you have to be aware that feedback is always a risk.
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Well another thing to note is that both BB King and Dave Grohl uses semi-hollowbodies, which handles gain a bit better. But no matte rho wmuch you try a hollowbody is to be honest a godawful choice for heavier music. They are not suited for it in anyway. They have higher string tension, bad fret access and a hollowbody doesn't allow gain well at all.

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Ted Nugent uses Peavey 6505s with a Gibson Byrdland and he does fine

Actually nowadays he mostly uses Les Pauls with his 6505s. Back in the day he was using Marshalls.
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Check out Breaking Benjamin.

Ben uses a PRS Semi-Hollow from time to time.

I wouldn't recommend it though, just find a solid body...
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If you're into the First Act guitars, a LOT of hardcore/metal bands are endorsed by them and use their solidbodies. They sound sweet, so take a look at those instead of a hollow.

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Pepper keenan uses a hollowbody in Down. He actually gets an awesome sound out of his
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I've used a ES-335 style Washburn for metal before and it is a really deep, wicked sound. Maybe not most people's first choice but it can be done.