Ive been playing for a few months now and im slowly improving my main problem is learning songs i mostly listen to bands like cob and atreyu so most of the material is too difficult for someone who has been playing a few months to learn from start to finish.

So for learning purposes is it worth it to learn stuff from bands like blink 182 and greenday(even though i dont listen to them) to get practice playing along at full tempo to a backing track or just pluck away learning bits and pieces from songs i actually want to learn.
It is worth it to learn Mary had a little lamb, and play it 5 hundred times a day if it means you will get better. dont worry about not being able to play songs you like. you will improve in time. you just have to stick to it. i have only been playing for 4 years and im only 15 and i never thought i would be able to play solos like i can and i can already do metallica and megadeth solos so you just have to stick to it and youll keep improving
I'm actually going to disagree with the420guitarist, cordially of course . I think it's very important to learn songs you enjoy because this can be VERY motivating to further your practice of guitar. I would suggest learning the chords the songs use (probably powerchords in your case) and practicing those to the rhythm of these songs until you can emulate the sound of the songs pretty well. Then I would suggest moving onto solos and so forth and playing those as slow as possible at first until you can play up to speed.
Yeah...I agree. Just take it slow and use a metronome. the first solo will be hard to crack, but once you have a hang of it it'll get easier. Cob solos are mostly pentatonic and arpeggios.
Just don't rush anything. Start with a metronome at a slow speed and once you can play the lick at that speed perfectly, you can speed up a bit. If you notice that you're getting sloppy, slow down, or take a break.
learning to play sloppy is the biggest mistake you can make...again, don't push it. It takes time.