Well mines kinda stiff right now and I want do do sum stuff with the whammy bar (currently playin cob stuff). I wanna know how to make the bridge softer. I know you have to adjust the strings and all but how will I know when it's okay (except for adjust then try it out, cuz it takes a long time). Anyways I won't go to a guitar shop to let them do it cuz they failed 3 times and it was almost the same each time.
take a spring out would be the best way, but that depends on the gauge of your strings because you might need to have that many in
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You don't have to take a spring completely out, you can just loosen the springs to give less tension, then make sure you pair that with a lighter string gauge too to match. Just be careful not to loosen things too much or you might just end up unscrewing it all.
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I think what you need are some worn in springs that aren't so stiff. This will happen with use and there are a number of diy techniques out there to do this but nothing beats regular use.
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Forgot to mention im currently using 9s cuz I'm using my Hellraiser C1. Normally its in Standard E but I just dun wanna w8 until i gt my ESP for Drop C so I just decided to tune down for now (playing CoB stuff). I'm currently hoping to get my ESP within a month or so. I'm not gonna change my guage for my C1 since I hav like 7 packs of 9s left and i hav to either use them or sell it to my friend.
If you have 9's then the springs really shouldn't be that tight. is your bridge lever with the body of the guitar or pulled forward some?
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