Ok, so I've got a wireless router set up with a modem attached to it via a LAN cable, but I cant get on the internet with my laptop when it's conected to the wireless. It works when I LAN cable it to the router. I also have two other laptops connected wirelessly to the router, both can access the net through it. I am running Xp, but the other two are Xp and Vista. I can't figure out why it wont work.

Please help

Edit: it was working on monday and stopped working yesterday
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Perhaps your wireless card is busted?


I know little about laptops but perhaps the wireless card could have crapped out?
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perhaps teh internetz dun liek yoo?
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Yeah it SHOULD work based on the description you have given us.

Maybe your wireless card is a wireless A technology while the router is wireless G?


Maybe the router is on a different wireless channal than your computer?


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