I've been looking into buying an Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

I'd be buying it for a lower gain sound but still play metal on it and down tune. I also want it for a rock sound, like The Darkness for example.

Does this guitar to slide and blues well too? These two styles dont matter as much as stated above.

If there are any alternatives which are cheaper, as good as or better, please say!

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Since you're a UK'er, it should be easy for you to try Vintage guitars, especially the Vintage Advance range. The Vintage Advance LP copy has a thumb cutout for slightly better upper fret access, some nice Wilkinson/Gotoh hardware, decent build quality, etc etc etc. Costs about the same/sometimes fractionately less than an Epi LP Custom, depending on the finish you get.

Speaking of which, be aware that the Epi LP Custom is exactly the same as the Epi LP Standard, you're just paying more for the finishes.

Either way, those are your main options: the Epi is certainly fine (make sure you play it before you buy it, Epi quality control can produce some duds so never rely on buying online), the Vintage Advance is also a really great instrument on-par with/sometimes slightly better than the Epi, so long as you don't mind not having quite the 'real' body shape and lower resale value. There are a few other brands available in the UK that can be good options too - Indie, Fret King, Rally, Tokai, ESP/LTD - but they can be harder to track down to try and aren't nay betetr than Vintage/Epi, so Epiphone and Vintage are your main options

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it will be pretty versatile. it can do blues well, and depending on how you have it set up, it can do slide. slide is better with high action guitars, so if you have the action real low for shredding or whatever, slide wont work well. the standard and custom are both really nice. for the money, (atleast here in US) they are very good.
Which amp and other guitars do you own?
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Vintage V100 are great but may need a setup to get the best out of them.
The alternative I like the look of is http://www.tcellisguitars.com/s2specs.html
so you get Ebony neck, full setup, whizzy electronics and a case for under £300. He says he will customise as much as you want, too. Worth checking out, I'd say.
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Which amp and other guitars do you own?

I have a valveking and a Jackson RR3 with EMG's
Jackson RR3 with EMGs!
B.C. Rich KKV
Yamaha F-310 Acoustic

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