So this song is about my outlook on life.

Don't ask me how, but I somehow managed to rhyme every single line with at least one more. Maybe someday I can be a rapper.

If you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

Verse 1:
it seems I can see the world in a better view
a view that you cannot see, does not affect you
and though i can't see your color nor hue
I've got a better idea of what we should do
you say i have something wrong with me too
but I'm sure it's only because you're askew

is it just a state of mind
or is it the right thing to find
in this pathway we call life
that's filled with gloom and strife
because I'm not right in the same perspective
yet just different with a changed directive

Verse 2:
stealing and cheating and lying for gain
but all you're doing is accumulating your pain
we're categorized and classified by our brains
it's just part of the system to feed their reign
as we go day by day all deemed insane
because we can see the way to freely maintain

there's corruption in the most perfect thing
but most don't realize and still they cling
it looks like things only roll one way
and it's the poor ones who have to pay
they tax the poor to feed the rich
it seems as if we're just their bitch
the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
whats it take to escape this horror?
an eye for an eye the whole world will go blind
but that may be the only path we will find
to finally escape to a humane peace
but we aren't ready to say the least
we'll keep fighting til there's no more
and even til then they'll tax the poor


Verse 3:
and as i try to play their game
it seems i just can't take the shame
because they're fighting in his name
but for me he left before he came
they say there's reasons but whats there aim?
i don't see our purpose it all ends the same
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