I will start with my gear:

MIM Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan Lil' Screamin' Demon (bridge)
Fulltone OCD
Boss Metal Zone
MXR 6-band EQ
Peavey Classic 30

Alright... even though I'm very satisfied with the rhythm tones I get from the OCD and Metal Zone, I can't achieve a good lead tone from either the OCD or the Metal Zone...

I set my EQ so that boosts the mid frequencies, but still...

Any suggestions?
Do you want a more high gain sound or a bluesy overdrive? If you wish a high gain sound, use your amp's overdrive channel with a boost from the OCD, just set the volume on the pedal on max and drive almost on minimum. Start from there then experiment and tweak your sound by adjusting the EQ on the amp and tone knob on the pedal.

EDIT: and throw that metal zone away, you don't need distortion pedals with tube amps, use your amps overdrive and boost it if needed
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on my amp i have my rhythm section set to...
Bass - 6.75
Mid - 4.5
Tre - 8
Gain - 8

on my lead channel:
Bass - 6
Mid - 5
Tre - 8
Gain - 6
and i boost the volume a tad

sounds good to me
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You won't get any good tones from the metal zone, get rid....just use the OCD and the EQ to augment the amps overdrive.
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