Ive got $50 to guitar center to blow and I was wondering what you all would spend it on.

I play bass, guitar, piano/synth, whatever. I also do my own recordings.

Hit me up with ideas to check out.

picks! lots and lots and lots of picks!

And now serious: perhaps a pedal, strings, cables, whatever you need/want
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Invest it, it's too much to spend at once.
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just buy various behringer pedals
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Picks,straps,leads.Maybe a stand if you need one?
How much do hardcases for guitar run over there?
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why do you HAVE to blow them? you dont even know what you need
there are so many ways to use them wisely
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pedals are stupid
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Save up?

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Get an EQ, some picks, and a pack of strings.
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Strings. They're nice to have in bulk.

...and I think he's talking about a guitar center promotional $50, like, "spend $100, get another $50 on us!" kinda' thing, so he prolly already has his big purchase in mind.

...just a guess.
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I'd say grab a dano fish n chips if you don't already have an eq.
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depends on what you have now.
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Chea_man is the best.
If you've a minidisc or some miniature recording device, a small mic so you can tape random ambiances and gigs.

Some case of some sort?

I second the behringer pedals - some really weird one you just know is going to sound crap so you can make weird FX with it.
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With pedals you can throw your guitar down for an impromptu pedal drone solo, whereas if you did that on a rack it would just look like you were programming your washing machine.
Good ideas all.
I could use a new hard case, as well as a handheld recorder.
Also was thinking of something like a micro korg, or sp-404

Keep the ideas flowing

Microkorg? no.

Micron? Yes.

Xiosynth/X-Station? Yes.

Ms2000? Yes.
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With pedals you can throw your guitar down for an impromptu pedal drone solo, whereas if you did that on a rack it would just look like you were programming your washing machine.
Get weed, be happy

or get a Dano Fish and Chips and a Transparent OD
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why spend? just becasue you have money doesn't mean you have to spend it. most anything you'll buy with $50 is going to be of sh*t quality and will probably break in the next 5 years.
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save 17 more dollars and get a boss mt-2 pedal
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^Bad idea. MT-2 sucks. Just get a few packs of strings and a Dano EQ if you don't already have one. If GC carries the picks you like get some of those too.
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