OK so I'm usually a technique/songwriting person and don't know much about hardware, it was only until recently that I realised how bad my guitar sounded.

When I play distorted it seems fine, however when I try to play chords all hell breaks loose. I'm not that great with chords, so initially I thought it was my technique, but after some practice I realised than no matter how I position by fingers to play certain chords the strings still buzz, and that's my problem.

Mostly on the lower frets i.e. 1-7 on the 3 thinner strings I get the occasional buzz sound. I've tried fretting far right, fretting harder and softer, picking harder and softer etc...

My action is very high as well: 4mm from fretboard to bottom of low E string @ 12th fret; I can bend 2 whole steps without it dampening, yet still there is fret buzz on most of the lower frets. I've also noticed the buzzing sometimes goes away when I play softer.

What can I do to fix this in simple steps? I'm using 10-46 gauge strings.

I think your action needs a little adjusting. Do you have a fixed bridge or a floyd Rose?

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I have an FR and yes I've had this guitar for about 4 years, the frets are pretty worn out and have a curve underneath every string.

I dunno what I can do with the bridge. I raised it so I could bend nicely, it took considerably more practice to get it sounding good while hitting notes than when it had a lower action, but now that I'm used it...
try putting your fingers more on the middle of the frets, that usually eliminates all buzzing sound

EDIT: by in the middle i mean in the spacings
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try putting your fingers more on the middle of the frets, that usually eliminates all buzzing sound

EDIT: by in the middle i mean in the spacings

I don't mean to be rude, but incorrect.

When you fret a string you're supposed to get your finger as close to the lower bar as possible. Hmm I thought that'd be easier to explain..... let's try this picture:


<---- put your finger here-ish
geagnaekgn would tightening the truss rod help? Or should I just sell it on eBay.

I already tried different fretting positions.
Loosening your truss rod would help if you're buzzing on the lower frets. Tightening straightens your neck out, and it sounds to me like you don't have enough bow.
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MAybe take it in to a luthier and get a fret dress?
When I got my epi I took it to a luthier to have a setup.Did a bloody nice job.
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Sounds like a setup job to me. Maybe some fretwork
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