Hello all,

I seek some help. I am trying to get some ok soft case for my guitar but there is nothing special for this type here in Czech (BC RICH original cases arent imported here).

I found two types which MAYBE could fit but I do not have an opportunity to try it. So

the frist one is for BEAST body type: http://kytary.cz/rockbag-by-warwick-premium-line-plus-beast/88777/?SE3955:0:0:1:0

The second one is http://kytary.cz/rockbag-by-warwick-premium-line-plus-ironbird-mockingbird-kytary/88775/?SE3955:0:0:1:0

Any personal experience or some tips? Thank you all for your help.

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I'd call the company that sells the case. I bought a parlour guitar and had difficulty finding a case for it, and I simply talked to the employee at Musician's friend and he went through the measurements of their smallest cases and found me one that fits perfectly.
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