My sister has a really close (boy)friend, who's really obnoxious and annoying: For example, he put "Bruce Wayne" as part of his Facebook profile name. Anyway, he always breaks stuff in my house and annoys everybody, and I suspect he hit my little brother. Anyway, he broke the same brother's expensive birthday present, an awesome huge-ass Lego Tank, bought by my Uncle and Aunt, who are a little on the poor side. He decided it would be cool to play catch with it. I told him I'd beat the **** out of him if he doesn't buy a new one and deliver it. Also, as a side note, they keep on ranting in a Facebook Thread of their little group of friends (PAC), and I'm in the thread without being able to get out. S I told them to open a new one, as I hate seeing those (1) New Inbox things. He told me to **** off. It's funny, he's a puny ass idiot who looks like the bastard son of Carrot-Top and Ugly Betty. He also tries to diss my pacifism, because he wants to impress a girl (he only became right wing because of her). He's also constantly trying to piss off my friend, calling him a paedophile and threatening him, even though my friend is 6ft tall and has enormous muscles (he's on the right in my profile picture if you want to see). He thinks he can beat him up. Possible, because my friend is a little disabled, but the cheek of it! It's killing me!
Anyway, after telling my friend to go masturbate over little girls in the park, I decided to end it. Next time I see him I'm going to beat him up. I also considered giving his Facebook to /b/, but I try to stay as far away from there as I can, so it might help if one of you is willing. Anyway, should I beat him up?
tl;dr: A friend of my sister is breaking stuff around my house all the time, pissing off my family and trying to piss off my friend, should I beat him up?
cool story, bro
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Beat him up, HARD.
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Yes, obviously. Anyway, nothing is funny about this, and it's been bugging me for a long time. Anyone willing to give his name to /b/?

Are you twelve?

Don't ask UG to harass another person. Figure out your own problems.
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Shoot the guy
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Get your friend with enormous muscles to engage in a sex orgy with him.

Edit: God I hate Aus internet. Just noticed the reported.

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Anyway, after telling my friend to go masturbate over little girls in the park, I decided to end it

some friend you are
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Are you twelve?

Don't ask UG to harass another person. Figure out your own problems.

16 1/2... Anyway, I AM figuring it out myself, but I'm not sure if it'd be OK to beat him up, AND he's my sister's best friend... Big disappointment for an In Absentia fan.
beat him up, then rape him for no apparent reason
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