I haven't picked up my guitar in a week. I used to love playing it ( 3 years) but now I just have no motivation. I also haven't played the piano in probably 2 weeks. I think all of this is because I'm learning to play the clarinet for marching band (I play Sax usually) and it's just taking up so much of my time, along with all the ap summer work I'm cramming in the last week of summer..

I haven't even watched you-tube videos of guitarists or anything. Should I just take a break until I have the motivation to play again?

Could anyone send a really inspirational guitar video my way? ( I love the blues =] )

Thanks, and sorry for my guitar-depression rant..
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Get together with a good musicians and play music in a group.

The best motivation there is.
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Yeah, it is loads off fun to play with other people! If I would be you I would try that
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Yeah, take a break. It sounds like you have too much on your workload atm anyway. I have often taken 6 months and come back full of ideas. Each time my playing has improved a good bit, too.
I pick up my guitar and play
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Tender Surrender - Steve Vai

Whenever I get bored of playing guitar, I just listen to that song and it makes me wanna pick it up again.
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i suffer from this also. i usually just take a break from playing guitar for 2 days when i feel this way and when i get back to playing i'm fine, i just find some new material that's challenging and when i master it i say "if i wasn't improving i wouldn't have been able to read this sheet music."
Pick up and album and learn it by ear.

Just started that recently - tons and fun, and really makes you want to play.
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Pick up and album and learn it by ear.

Just started that recently - tons and fun, and really makes you want to play.

This. I have started this recently as well, trying to learn stuff by ear, along with playing with a group of people. Thats how you step your playing up a notch.
all the above are good ideas plus listen to something in a different genre and find inspiration from that.....