My Schecter is dying!

The screws which hold the strap buttons on keep falling out of the holes they should be in, as if the holes have got bigger. I'm not much of a wood/DIY/whatever expert, so does anyone know any ways I can stop this happening?

Please help!
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the wood has been worn so instead of having a thread its just straight wood, re drill the hole and apply a couple of mm bigger screw ORR, fill the hole with filler (cant think of what its called) then redrill the hole the put the screw back in
Matchsticks. Ram them in the holes, sorted.

Note: Remove the bit that lights on fire, or keep it on and it will look mega on stage.
Straplocks, maybe? <- Should have gotten these when you first got your guitar. =]
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The correct way would be with a strong wood filler in the holes and re-drill after the full drying period. An even stronger result can be gained by using epoxy resin instead.
Or you could do what I did on my Yammy and use a bigger screw. (not advised long term)
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super glue

worked for me
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Dowel the holes and redrill.

Easier still, let a tech do it.
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The quickest, simplest fix is to stick say 1/4 of a toothpick in there and then screw back in. I did that about a year ago and have had no slippage. You can try wood glue too but that is a more permanent solution. Or, you could fill the hole with wood puddy and dowl and re-drill. Strap Locks are good too.

PS: Your guitar is not dying. Try the Search Bar next time. There are 100,000 threads on this topic already.
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Dowel the holes and redrill.

+1 this is the most sound fix. Buy a piece of dowel just big enough to slide into the hole where the strap pin screws in. Glue it in with some wood glue, let it dry, and re drill your holes. $5 fix. You will have to cut/sand off the piece of dowel sticking out of the hole so that it is flush with the guitar. You can use a permanent marker to color the new wood to match the finish of your guitar.
Thanks for all the replies guys!

I've used matchsticks for now and it seems to be holding really well, but I'll look at getting some wood filler for more of a long term fix.

I already have strap locks, used them since the beginning, this is just the screws coming loose.

Sorry, I usually do search, don't know why I didn't this time >.<

I know it isn't actually dying, maybe your sarcasm-o-meter is broken?

Anyway, thanks for the quick replies guys
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I got a tech to do mine on an old guitar, he re-drilled it, and put in a different sized screw and some other shizzle

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