TAKAMINE EG523SC, ART & LUTHERIE CUTAWAY Q1 ANTIQUE BURST or DOBRO HOUND DOG DELUXE ROUND NECK. I can't decide. Anyone any idea which is the best? (I included a resonator because I love the sound)
While I have an Art&Lutherie Dreadnaught Antique Cedar Burst and love the way it sounds and plays. Art and Lutherie is supposed to be a great company. What kind of songs./music are gonna play (folk/rock/country)\?
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I'm a Folk singer so folk music. So it's for rhythm but I want something warm and intense. You know to draw you in.
Have you played any of them? An Art & Lutherie and Takamine have completely different feels to them. The A&L has (going off of my knowledge of other Godin brands) a D-shaped neck with a satin finish, and a Takamine has a C-shaped neck with a gloss finish. The Tak has a thinner, skinnier neck as well. I'd consider the feel roughly the same as a Tele neck. A Godin brand guitar will have a neck that feels like a baseball bat, similar to that of a Les Paul, but with a much more pronounced D feel. They will also sound very different as well.

Just go try them and see what you think
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Well, if you love the sound of a resonator, maybe you should look at some different resonators then? I'd tell you of some resonators in that price range, but I don't know anything about resonators...but that's my thoughts on this.
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Ihave played the A&L and been honestly amazed but I love the quality of the sitka spruce of the takamine. I don't know how the electronics measure up though.