Do any of you have days where your hands just don't want to move at all, and no matter how many warmups you do, you still can't get up to playing at your normal skill level? Are there any methods for loosening up even more/getting more movement back, or do you all just recommend more warmups?
Only thing I have are days where I am more creative. And I only can't move my hands correctly for 1 hour when I wake up in the morning but that's it.
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when this happens to me, i just learn a song with a slow melody.

last time it happened i learnt "shape of my heart" by sting.

i think that was the name of it, i seen it in a guitar mag and thought it sounded pretty good.
I get it n cold days and stuff, but play through a few songs and I'm alright again.
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I sometimes get days where I just don't feel like playing, but if I just start to play for like 10 mins I will really get into it and everything's fine again.

I used to sometimes get days where my fingers just sucked, but that seemed to go away with me getting a bit more experienced. I don't get that much anymore.
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Yeah sometimes my fingers just can't move very well, but usually if I put the guitar down for an hour and come back I'm fine.
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I think we all get that every now and again. I just do some basic chords songs, then more advanced chord songs, then my usual warm up and i'm fit to fight again
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I got it when I was learning the solo in Open Your Eyes by Alter Bridge. It lasted for weeks or maybe even a month and I pretty much had to stop playing for a while, then slowly increase the amount I played whilst keeping away from playing fast.
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Yes, I just wait until about midnight then I literally can't put my guitar down

So true. Music always feels best late at night. We had a band practice at 1am last week and it was so tight
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That usually only happens to me when I try to play early in the morning.
Which I'm sure my neighbors love.
on freaken cold days and my house doesnt have a heater so i just stick my hands in my armpits and then im good to go