Hey Guys,

I recently bought a 5150 Cab as it was going for a song. It was going to be the cab for my new rig, but I came across a Laney that was too good to pass up.

The Laney included the Head and the Cab, so I know have 1 head and 2 cabs.

I decided to give the peavey cab to my little brother and am currently looking for a cheap head for him to play through. He has a little SS combo that is on the way out, so I've been searching just for a temp head that will let him use the cab.

There was a Peavey Supreme XL for sale in my area recently and I was interested in it as it was also quite cheap. I know it's not the best head, but he wants something to use the cab with.

Here's the Problem. The 5150 Cab runs at 16 OHMS MONO and the seller told me that the Head runs at 8 OHMS...

Is there any way I can make this work? I don't believe that the head is switchable and the cab definitely isn't...

Can anyone help me at all? I'm talking to the guy at the moment, so I'd like to give him an answer shortly.

THANK YOU all for your Help!!

Gear List;

Laney VH100R with Matching Cab
Ibanez RGT42FM
Schecter C-1+
BC Rich Neck Thru Warlock
ISP Noise Decimator
Ibanez TS9
I'm confused.

To boil this down are you asking if the Peavey XL solid state head at 8 ohms will pair with the 5150 cab at fixed 16 ohms?

That actually might work although I rarely recommend mis-matching. For sh*ts and grins what are the ratings of each speaker in cab and how is it wired? I realize it is probably a closed back cab.
Thanks mate,

Simply asking if the 8 ohm head will pair with the 16 ohm mono cab.

I don't want to mismatch either, but we haven't found many other second hand heads in our price range.

I've been spolit as all my heads have been switchable, so mismatching is new to me.

The Peavey has 4 Sheffield 1200's I believe. Closed back but Unsure of how it is wired.

Thanks for your help,


EDIT: 5150/6505 Cabs;

Four Sheffield® 1200 12 inch speakers
300 watts (rms) closed-back cabinet
16 ohms
Gear List;

Laney VH100R with Matching Cab
Ibanez RGT42FM
Schecter C-1+
BC Rich Neck Thru Warlock
ISP Noise Decimator
Ibanez TS9
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I don't want to be the one to tell you to mis-match but honestly, I think you would be fine. There might be a slight power loss but I don't think it would be significant. Now, if this was a tube amp head or the head was higher than the cab then I would say no.
^ With SS amps mismatch is fine as long as the impedance is equall to or greater than the the amps rated output. So for expample the setup you have is an 8 Ohm amp and 16 ohm cab, you will be fine, the amp might loose a bit of power but it will be an easier load on the Transistors. Now if you take your 8 ohm head and run it into a 4 ohm cab and you will run into trouble and are risking damage to the amp. Keep in mind this is only the rule for SS amps, tube amps are a tottaly different animal.
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